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The increasing use of the web has created numerous business opportunities for UK individuals, with many expected to reap the benefits of the improvements of spread and quality of tech-based tools.

New Office for National Statistics numbers reveal that 32m adults accessed the web on a daily basis last year, a 100 per cent increase on the figures recorded six years ago.

There are a number of activities that attract users to the internet, from research and online shopping to social networking. However, another of its great uses is IP telephony, which can also be of an immense benefit to companies.

Figures have also revealed that 32 per cent of adults made video or telephone calls online last year, twice the figure estimated for 2009 and a substantial increase on the eight per cent record from 2008.

This is an indicator that IP telephony has become firmly established online as a major feature and one that a large number of web users would struggle to live without. For instance, VoIP enables both businesses and individuals to make inexpensive phone calls online, as opposed to paying the costlier traditional telephone rates

It is particularly valuable when making global calls as these are considerably cheaper when made over an IP connection. With this being the case, it is a smart move for businesses to turn away from their current telephony system and make the transition to IP sooner rather than later.

This will not just enable firms to save a substantial amount of money but ensure they are able to benefit from some of the great features found on VoIP phones.

With so many benefits from IP telephony and with minimal time investment required, there are no excuses for any company not to integrate the solution into their business practice for 2013.

Callum Byrnes