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Respected US journal, Network World, has said that it sees ‘opportunities for growth’ in the business VoIP sector; but at the same time claims that take-up of VoIP among consumers may have peaked.

Network World submitted its opinion following its own analysis of the latest performance figures from US telecommunications and cable supply operators.

The journal noted that whilst take-up of voice services via traditional telephone lines had continued to fall during the third quarter of 2011, complementary growth from the provision of consumer VoIP (voice over internet protocol) had not been as impressive as observed during previous phases.

Following on from this, Network World argues that although consumer VoIP take-up has continued to increase in real terms, with demand in the domestic sphere remaining strong, future growth in this area is by no means certain and may well have already peaked.

Network World attributes this slow-down in consumer VoIP take-up to the increased reliance among domestic users on wireless mobile devices.

In regard to business VoIP, however, the journal claims that ‘opportunities for growth still abound’.

Away from the hard statistical analysis undertaken by Network World, many industry commentators have similarly pointed to what they see as a continued and growing demand among companies, both large and small, for the benefits of business VoIP.

These benefits include the potential for cheaper phone calls; the ability to more easily and effectively manage business phone systems when coping with sudden changes such as a temporary increase in staffing; and the capacity to receive calls on the same telephone number regardless of office location.

Added value services such as business VoIP are also among the main reasons often cited by many companies for their strong desire to gain access to a high speed broadband connection.

Callum Byrnes