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Business VoIP phone handset manufacturer Snom says that it has unmasked a rather paradoxical and extremely surprising assumption on the part of some of its potential corporate customers; namely, that a handset’s performance capability is inversely related to the quality of its design.

In other words; that attractive-looking handsets function less effectively than unattractive ones.

Snom says that the rather strange assumption has surfaced time and again during various trade shows it has attended over recent months. It adds, however, that once delegates to these shows see a Snom handset in operation they quickly change their minds.

The reason behind the negative perception of business VoIP phones among some executives is not clear.

It is known however that many users of VoIP handsets within an office or other corporate setting are often unaware that the phone they are using is a model which is compatible with internet protocol (IP) telephony rather than with a more traditional telephone line connection. Aside from perhaps displaying more options, such handsets will look and feel no different to a conventional landline phone handset, and incoming voice quality will not be affected in any way.

It may well be therefore that some people will always have their mistaken preconceptions about what a multi-functional business VoIP handset should look like; and that the more a VoIP handset complies with high standards of aesthetics and ergonomics the less it would appear to these individuals to conform to their idea of a multi-functional piece of equipment.

Whatever the case, Snom says it has often found it necessary time and again to demonstrate and explain the full workings of its handsets so as to overcome any preconceptions.

All phones within Snom’s 8xx series, for example, are slim and elegant yet contain an extremely wide range of business VoIP features.

Callum Byrnes