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Marketing firm Click Through Marketing have claimed that VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology is steadily gaining popularity with companies based across the globe.

In a new report, they highlight the fact that the quality of service offered by the business VoIP provider is increasingly becoming the focus for many vendors.

Click Through Marketing also brought attention to the possibility that VoIP, which allows its users to make telephone calls via the internet, has great potential to make many traditional business phone systems completely obsolete in the near future.

The report stated:

“Customers will be able to use the VoIP service anywhere there is an internet connection that they can connect into and have their hardware available.

“The costs for changing also are very low, with most of the equipment that they need for a VoIP service, may already be available, such as modems or a personal computer.”

The news comes at the same time as a new study from marketing research analysts Infonetics Research, which forecasts a banner year for business VoIP providers as more firms opt to outsource handling of their telecommunications.

Infonetics claims that service providers are increasing spending on their operations as competition in the market heats up.

The result of this is that businesses are looking to cut financial costs, which makes outsourcing more and more network tasks an increasingly attractive proposition.

The research claims that nine percent more network tasks were outsourced to a specialist provider in 2010 than in 2009, and that the trend is set to continue. It stated:

“The major growth areas for telecom network outsourcing include network maintenance, planning, design, and operations.

“Much of the growth in outsourced services is coming from Europe, the Middle- East and Africa, and Asia Pacific.”

Gerry McLaughlin, writing on believes that such outsourcing will not be the sole preserve of large companies in 2011, but also many small and medium sized enterprises, meaning it will more crucial than ever for such firms to consult a reputable business VoIP provider.

Callum Byrnes