Nortel IP phones offering lease of life for businesses

Businesses which use a Nortel BCM, as well as those with other VoIP enabled Nortel phones, are to be given a much-needed lifeline by Telephone Magic and its 1100 IP Phone Series.

Nortel originally released the model with Avaya further producing and supporting it. The 1100 Series is giving a new lease of life to SMEs which installed a Norton phone system before the company was sold in pieces for bankruptcy protection. Millions of commercial users were introduced to an IP telephony system and a large number are working hard to ensure they get the best out of their equipment.

Telephone Magic utilises the Nortel Avaya 1100 Series phone which enables owners of other systems supporting IP, which include the Nortel BCM 450, BCM 200 and the BCM 500, to incorporate robust IP handsets into their network.

Telephone Magic president, Jeff Jackson, said:

“Avaya took over Nortel’s platforms in 2009 including the BCM and Nortel Communications Manager line. For a few years Avaya continued to sell the BCM and Communication Server. The Nortel 1100 Series IP phones were also retained by Avaya. New Avaya 1100 series IP phones are available with the strength of Nortel’s substantial networking technology.”

He went on to say that the Nortel 1100 IP phones are relatively inexpensive, given the cost of a new VoIP phone. He believes that the company’s clients will hugely benefit from being able to keep the equipment they’ve invested in as opposed to starting over.

The Nortel Avaya 1100, which has just one line, is a standard IP phone, integrating a grayscale, fully-backlit, 143×32 pixel display for a superb viewing experience. It also utilises ports for both PC and LAN, enabling the user to switch PC traffic in the most efficient way.