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It is said that the only certainty for a business is change; change which may or may not be outside a business’s control. What can be successfully controlled, however, is the impact of that change on both staff and customers.

Firms with business phone systems that incorporate internet protocol (IP) telephony features such as business VoIP (voice over internet protocol) often cope more successfully with the ups and downs of business life than those still using conventional telephone line exchanges.

Taking as an example the need for staff to relocate to a new office; those using business VoIP connections can continue to receive calls on the same telephone number, provided the new office enjoys access to a quality broadband connection.

Being able to use the same telephone number, regardless of a firm’s location, is of course convenient for the customer and helps maintain customer confidence. It also spells less administrative hassle for employees.

Even more impressively, having to establish a separate office outside a particular area need not mean that customers lose the benefit of being able to call on a local number tariff. Call re-routing is simple and fast when it is carried out via IP telephony channels, and customers need not even be aware that their calls have been automatically redirected.

Scalability is another benefit offered through business VoIP; whereby lines can be easily and swiftly added during busy phases or taken away during temporary lulls. Additional extensions can also be implemented without difficulty.

The benefits of managing change through business VoIP can be cushioned even further when using the services of a remote, host business VoIP provider or VoIP reseller. The latter can help implement the necessary telephony modifications more easily, professionally, and without the client firm needing to incur any excessive costs on infrastructure or technical assistance.

Callum Byrnes