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Following the successful transition of its traditional business phone systems to VoIP, a firm based in Deeside is urging other small businesses in the UK to make the switch.

The move to the system, which the telecoms company iData completed in September 2011, has realised monthly savings of over £100. Proving that it is a cost-effective tool for businesses to use, the company has said that many other organisations could also benefit from moving their systems.

Speaking about the success of the venture, a director at the company, Chris Quayle said:

“VoIP is the future, and I would encourage other businesses in the region to give it a try.”

Mr Quayle was also impressed with the quality of the calls and how delivery performed, through the use of the dedicated voice service and dedicated data services. Offering excellent reliability too, it is a smart move that companies across the world are beginning to introduce on a large scale.

The switch has also helped to drive the company forward. It has experienced a significant growth since the autumn of last year. This has not just resulted in new contracts and new clients, but has also led to more staff being taken on, which is a huge boost to the local economy.

The company started using VoIP after connecting to Fibrespeed, which is a project sponsored by the Welsh Government to help boost the economic fortunes of North Wales through greater connectivity.

In the three years since its launch, over 150 local businesses have benefited from the project, with access to high-speed Internet services and telecoms.

The project should also help business across Cheshire work more effectively with their partners across the board. With better communications, business decisions and product and service delivery can be more coherent, ensuring that profits can be maximised for all parties.

Callum Byrnes