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June’s Metis Updates

Take a look at what’s new in June. This month we have a major update to Provisioning, a brand new Metis report and even lower broadband prices!

Yealink v83/84 Firmware support added to Packnet Provisioning

We support Yealink’s latest firmware on our provisioning platform. v84 should be used whenever possible. Here’s a breakdown of devices and their recommended firmware version:

Model Upgrades to
T41S/T42S/T46S/T48S 84.0.15

If you purchase a Yealink phone through Packnet it will arrive with the latest firmware.

If you are adding Yealink MACs to Provisioning, please ensure you select the latest firmware from the firmware drop-down menu.

Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing some of the new features found in the new firmware.

Transaction Detail Report

The Transaction Detail Report (TDR) is the latest addition to our suite of Transaction Reports, found in Metis > Reports > Transaction Reports. Users can report on transaction data which starts from invoice period January 2019 (01/2019).



TDR displays active transactions for a given period in a tabular format. It is a Metis GUI version of the Transaction Download Report, designed for all types of Metis users.

It provides a breakdown of transaction data from invoices. Whereas an invoice lists services and their quantity, the report displays the individual transactions. For example, if five SIP Extensions are listed on the invoice, the report displays what those extensions are and how long they have been active, amongst other useful details.

Users can customise their Report by applying filters:

Account Type Filter Input Description
Reseller/Channel Company Text Auto-complete search box. Lists companies associated to your reseller account. 

Leave blank for “all”

Reseller/Channel/Customer Group Name Multi-select tick-box Filter results by

  • Accessories
  • Broadband
  • Broadband Ancillary
  • Cables
  • Custom services
  • Door entry
  • Headsets
  • IP Phones
  • Leased Line
  • Numbering
  • Routers & Network
  • VoIP Services
  • WLR3
  • WLR3 Ancillary
Reseller/Channel/Customer Frequency Drop-down Filter results by

  • One-off
  • Monthly
Reseller/Channel/Customer Start date Date picker / MM/YYYY Filter results by date
Reseller/Channel/Customer End date Date picker / MM/YYYY Filter results by date
Reseller/Channel/Customer Show/Hide Columns Multi-select tick-box Show/hide table columns

  • Extension
  • Caller ID
  • Frequency
  • Standard cost
  • Billed
  • Quantity
  • Storage (GB)
  • Setup charge
  • Pro-rata
  • Inv month year
Reseller/Channel/Customer Pagination Drop-down Update number of records to display on a single page

  • 30 records
  • 50 records
  • 100 records

Here’s a description of the table’s columns:

Column header Description
Company This is the name of the company associated with the transaction.
Service This is the name of the service that has been involved in a transaction.
Group name This is the billing group of the service.
Start date This is the date that the transaction was started.
End date This is the date the transaction was ended.
Extension This is the extension associated with the transaction. This will be populated for transactions associated with both extension creation and call recording.
Caller ID This is the caller ID that is associated with the transaction. This will be populated for transactions associated with both numbers and call recording.
Frequency This will either be M (Monthly Billed) or O (One-off billed).
Standard cost This is the cost of the service billed to you from your provider.
Billed This is the actual amount billed in the monthly period. This can be either equal to the standard cost or a pro-rata amount.
Quantity When the Frequency is ‘One Off’, this column shows the number of associated items. In all other cases, this will show as ‘N/A’.
Storage (GB) This is the amount of call recording storage that is being billed for in the period in gigabytes (GB).
Setup charge Setup Costs associated with Broadband and WLR services.
Pro-rata Values can be Yes or No. If Yes, the value shown is the pro-rata amount for the first month of service. If No, the value shown is a full month amount.
Inv month year This is the period associated with the report MM/YYYY.

New FTTC & ADSL Products and Prices

We have updated our KCOM FTTC & ADSL product portfolio with even lower prices. Compared to old pricing, save nearly £10.00 per month on any new or regraded FTTC Unlimited product.

Any new orders and regrades to existing connections will use the new pricing. View the new products in Services > View Services > Broadband > Eclipse. The new products are:

  • KCOM ADSL Unlimited
  • KCOM FTTC 80/20 100GB
  • KCOM FTTC 80/20 Unlimited

Reminder: Transaction Download Report

The Transaction Download Report is available in Metis > Reports > Transaction Reports. It uses the same data, but instead of a front-end report, users can generate a .csv file download link.

The .csv uses the same column headers as the Transaction Detail Report.

Each report covers a different use-case. The Download Report can be incorporated into a user’s own spreadsheets, records, or billing platforms. The Detail Report can be used on-the-fly, and to spot-check time-sensitive billing enquiries.

Reminder: Time of Day Routing (TODR)

TODR was updated last month and we’d like to remind users to look at the user guide and become familiar with the new feature.

The next UK Public Holiday is Monday 26th August which gives users plenty of time to have a go or get in touch with our support team for a demonstration/how-to.

Here are instructions for how to set a number to Out of Office for Monday 26th August:

  1. Click “Incoming Calls” from the nav menu
  2. Click “Time of Day Routing” tab
  3. Find your number in the list and click “Add Rule”

Enter the details below using the Rule Builder:

Component Input (comma separated)
Start/End Time Any time
Days of the week N/A (leave blank) (defaults to Any Day)
Days of the month 26
Months of the year Aug
Order position 1 (or above your work hours)
Calls in time range go to Out of office hours

Here’s how it will look in Metis. Press submit to apply the TODR rule.

TODR Summer Bank Holiday Configuration

Other updates:

  • Removed Conference Numbers from Incoming Calls and TODR. All relevant conference number information can be found in Numbers > Conference Numbers
  • Updated some Yealink settings for v84 compatibility
Callum Byrnes