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July’s Metis Updates

This month’s updates include enhanced search functionality in Metis, new Yealink provisioning settings, and expanding our Amazon S3 Call Recording Integration.

Enhanced Number Search

We have updated the Metis Number Search to provide users with better search functionality and more information in the search results.

Search functionality enhancement

Users can now search for a partial number. For example, searching 6602350 will return Packnet’s main number 01616602350.

Users can apply a Status filter to their search. The Status filters are Any, Active, Unregistered, Deactivated and Deleted.

Search results enhancement

Users are provided with more information after a successful search. Links are used in the Numbers column to take users to the number’s management page or in the Company column to go to an account page. Users can also sort results by column header. The columns and descriptions are:

Column Title Description Linked Sortable
Number Telephone number that matches your results. Yes. Takes you to individual number’s management page. Yes
Customer The Main Contact name for the Company which owns the number. No Yes
Company The Company which owns the number. Yes. Takes you to the company’s account page. Yes
Type Number type (Geographic, Hosted, Non-Geographic, Fax, Conference Number) No No
Destination SIP destination address for the number. No No
Status Number status (Active, Unregistered, Deactivated, Deleted) No Yes
Created Date the number was added to Metis (DD/MM/YYYY). No Yes

Enhanced Number Report

Resellers and channels can filter their report by typing in a Company name.

Resellers, channels and customers can filter their results by telephone number, or partial telephone number.

The final filter is “Number Type”. Select one or multiple Number Types from the check-list to filter results: Non-Geographic, Geographic, Fax, Conference, Hosted, UK Freephone, International.

New Yealink Provisioning Settings

After adding version 83/84 firmware support into Yealink Provisioning last month, we have introduced several new settings. They range from usability (Google Contacts) to display customisation (custom wallpaper support). Please note that the required firmware level must be met or exceeded before adding any of the new settings to your phone.

Provisioning Setting Yealink Setting Accepted Values Required Firmware Default Value Notes
Enable Google Contacts google_contact_server.enable On,Off 84 Off Not applicable for:T48G/T46G/T42G/T41P/T29G
Assign Favourites to Free DSS Key local_contact.favorite.enable On,Off 83 Off
Transfer Method [updated] transfer.dsskey_deal_type Optional (NewCall, Attended, Blind) 84(all others are 81) Blind This feature is only applicable to the Speed Dial key, BLF/BLF List key or Transfer key with an assigned value. It is not applicable to T19(P) E2/CP920 IP phones.
Enable Missed Call LED Notification phone_setting.missed_call_power_led_flash.enable On,Off 81 On
Enable Voicemail LED Notification phone_setting.mail_power_led_flash_enable On,Off 81 On
Custom Wallpaper URL wallpaper_upload.url URL within 511 characters 83 Empty
Phone Wallpaper phone_setting.backgrounds Default, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, Custom 83 Default

New Firmware v83/84 default settings

Here are the choice cuts of the new, default-enabled settings.

Setting Description Firmware
Divert Calls to a Contact You can divert all incoming calls from a particular contact to another contact. Auto divert has precedence over call forward. 83
Ping & Traceroute diagnostics You can perform ping and traceroute diagnostic tests from the web user interface or the phone user interface.Web UI: Network > DiagnosticsPhone UI: Menu > Features > Diagnostics > Network > Ping/Traceroute 84
Press OK for Status During Call You can press OK during a call for current time & date and other phone information (IP, MAC, Firmware). Assists troubleshooting. 84

Expanded Support for Amazon S3 Call Recording Integration

We now support all Amazon S3 Buckets locations for our Call Recording integration service.

Callum Byrnes