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There is a trend right now for getting rid of the traditional phone line and equipment so that businesses can instead take advantage of IP telephony. The trend is moving so fast that an expert body has described the transition as “irreversible”.

One of the major platforms in the tech community, ITU Telecom World, has conducted research which concluded that nothing will get in the way of the growth of IP telephony.

The body feels that it is an issue that a number of contemporary business features, such as regulatory frameworks, the internet and development cycles, are failing to align with the most current solutions.

Hamadoun I Toure, secretary general of ITU, said:

“How traditional telecommunication players should best adapt business models to embrace the IP era remains a key question. The ITU Telecom World 2012 Outcomes Report serves as an introduction to the central issues such as this and as a springboard to further debate both online and at ITU Telecom World 2013 in Bangkok this November.”

The reason IP telephony has been embraced is evident and a number of firms the world over have decided to take advantage of the benefits that come with the systems. One such benefit, for example, is cost cutting. This is often described as the main plus-point of IP-based solutions over more traditional equipment, with cheaper, and even free, calls.

However, finance is not the sole motivation when it comes to adopting the technology. A firm’s production can increase as the service allows tailoring to suit evolving circumstances and requirements.

With such a vast range of benefits, it is of no surprise that IP telephony is now regarded as the best method of making business calls to acquaintances, clients and members of staff. Businesses that don’t switch over may only find that they are falling behind their competition.

Callum Byrnes