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Experts and industry professionals operating in the sphere of internet protocol (IP) telephony and business VoIP (voice over internet protocol) are already preparing to join other technical and communications specialists at the forthcoming annual event for Asterisk users and developers, Astricon.

The event, which is this year held at the Sheraton in Atlanta, Georgia, USA from October 23 – 25, has billed itself as “the place to connect with the Asterisk Community”.

Asterisk, an open source communications software platform developed by Digium, has proven to be extremely valuable in recent years, particularly as an effective foundation for the many host IP telephony and business VoIP systems which continue to be implemented on a worldwide scale, including the type of remote host service provided by a business VoIP provider or VoIP reseller.

Asterisk’s accessibility and ease of adaptability for a wide range of business phone systems and other local networks across the globe has been said by many commentators to be one of the main factors behind the unprecedented growth of IP telephony and business VoIP in recent years.

Responding to the continued growth in the worldwide adoption of Asterisk, Astricon 2012’s promotional material suggests that the event will be invaluable for a wide range of parties with an interest in the technology, including programmers, business phone systems developers, open source coders, business IT professionals, and end users of Asterisk-based systems. The material says:

“The conference will be rich with content for Asterisk software developers, Digium’s channel and technology partners, and business users from small, medium and large companies.”

The specific areas on which the conference will focus have been sub-divided into the following six categories: carriers and call centres, the Asterisk ecosystem, cloud, technical, commerce and government and enterprise.

Also featured at the conference will be an exhibition of products and applications, all of which make use of the Asterisk platform.

Callum Byrnes