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IP telephony is renowned for the significant advantages it can offer businesses. Now a leading business expert has gone as far as to say that the technology is actually instrumental in helping new businesses to both launch and expand rapidly.

IP telephony – short for internet protocol telephony – is fast replacing traditional land-line telephony services, particularly in the commercial sphere. Not only can IP telephony services such as business VoIP (voice over internet protocol) save companies money by way of reduced phone costs; they also provide much more manageable ways of receiving and participating in complex communications; or of adding to or changing the allocation of business phone extensions.

In addition, with business VoIP a business executive does not even need to be anywhere near the central office to use the same low cost VoIP extension.

According to the editorial director and co-chair of the National Business Awards, Alex Evans, IP telephony and other internet-based technologies have actually helped changed the business landscape by permitting the new businesses to expand ‘at a much quicker rate than they could have in years gone by’.

Mr Evans adds that IP telephony and other internet-based technologies have enabled new businesses to ‘hit the ground running’; arguing that such businesses are finding it ‘a lot easier’ as a result to ‘go straight overseas, to expand their customer base and innovate around search’.

The adoption of IP telephony and business VoIP is now also easier to achieve, since heavy capital investment is no longer a prerequisite. Businesses can now use the services of a remote host business VoIP provider or VoIP reseller to secure these technologies; and can easily adapt traditional business phone systems to receive IP telephony signals by installing session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking hardware at cost-effective rates.

Callum Byrnes