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Further areas in the county of Suffolk in East Anglia are in the process of being granted high speed broadband provision as part of an initiative by BT.

The areas – Stowmarket, Foxhall, Newmarket and Mildenhall – are currently benefitting from engineering work, which will soon result in the installation of high-speed fibre connections to street cabinets. These cabinets in turn will provide the opportunity for more than 41,000 homes and businesses in these areas to access superfast broadband.

It is anticipated that initially, those subscribing to the new broadband service will benefit from speeds of up to 80 Mbps. BT has said however that, by next spring, speeds reaching 330Mbps will become available.

The development is expected to eventually increase the number of homes and businesses in Suffolk capable of accessing high speed broadband to around 185,000.

Commenting on the on-going development, BT’s regional director for East of England, Dave Hughes, said:

“The advent of fibre broadband in these areas is a massive fillip for businesses and households. It will enrich people’s lives and bring a much-needed boost to businesses in these economically challenging times.”

The development is likely to be welcomed by both local business leaders and councillors who have long-campaigned for the introduction of high-speed broadband to help make companies in the area more competitive.

This is because, in addition to enabling information sent via email to be uploaded and downloaded more quickly and in larger quantities, high-speed quality broadband also offers businesses the opportunity to access additional premium services, such as business VoIP (voice over internet protocol) and internet protocol (IP) telephony.

The implementation of IP telephony and business VoIP has been shown to help companies financially by providing them with increased control over their business phone systems, access to services such as voice conferencing, increased staff mobility and reduced monthly phone costs.

Callum Byrnes