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Leading global manufacturer and distributor of signal routers, DrayTek, has announced that any enterprise currently using one of its Vigor 2830 series of routers will henceforward be able to upgrade the equipment, at no extra cost, to receive signals generated via the latest Internet Protocol standard – IP version 6 (IPv6).

DrayTek , which counts among its clients many enterprises using its router technology to access IP telephony and business VoIP (voice over internet protocol) signals, says it will provide the necessary upgrade firmware free of charge as part of its commitment to customer service. The company’s sales and marketing manager, Julian Hubble, said:

“Our customers typically buy a DrayTek router for the medium to long term, and don’t want to be forced into an expensive and potentially disruptive hardware upgrade every time something new comes along. Delivering IPv6 as a free firmware upgrade is a perfect example of DrayTek’s commitment to helping its customers gain maximum value from their DrayTek purchase.”

DrayTek says it has also released a new publication – Real world IPv6 – which is aimed at systems managers and sets out to explain the new IP standard and what it might mean for particular businesses.

business phone systems managers, network supervisors, and IP telephony professionals working on the business VoIP provider or VoIP reseller side might additionally be interested in the news that DrayTek has also released a new robust firewall – the Vigor 2960.

DrayTek says that its new firewall can support large volumes of IP traffic whilst protecting network integrity and performance.

The company also claims the new firewall is capable of supporting multiple virtual private network (VPN) tunnels – whereby remote systems are connected to a host computer via IP technology.

The Vigor 2960 is available for immediate purchase and is compatible with all existing DrayTek telephony equipment.

Callum Byrnes