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BT has announced that nearly 9,000 residential and commercial premises in Wiltshire are now receiving faster broadband connectivity.

The announcement comes after the towns and villages of Downton, Hawthorn and Wilton have been connected to the latest generation of telecommunications technology. It means that another 8,800 businesses and homes can now access the internet at speeds as fast as 20 Mbps.

Businesses in particular are likely to see the benefits, with faster connectivity allowing for online business to be conducted much more smoothly.

From servicing client purchases better, to hosting more coherent meetings through IP telephony, such boosts are invaluable as doing business online becomes ever more important.

Announcing the news, the South West regional director for BT, Jon Reynolds said:

“The rapid roll-out of faster broadband continues to reach out to more communities across the region.

“The technology is changing for the better the way we work, helping businesses work more efficiently and flexibly and find new markets.”

Most broadband providers will automatically upgrade their corporate customers to the enhanced exchange. However, it is important that customers contact their own providers directly to ensure this is the case, and see if additional business services are available.

The latest roll-out sees the areas join another 20 such communities in Wiltshire to be connected to the upgraded infrastructure. By next spring, it is expected that more than three-quarters of all homes and businesses in the South West will be connected in such a way.

The upgrade of BT’s copper network is only a part of the company’s plans to deliver high-speed access to the UK.

In addition is the huge £2.5 billion investment in fibre-optics technology.

Promising to deliver speeds of anything up to 300 Mbps, it is hoped that all major cities and most towns in the UK will be experiencing speeds approaching this by 2014.

Callum Byrnes