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IP telephony is becoming more and more popular so it comes as no surprise to learn that that the Department for Transport is the latest in the line of major organisations to invest in the technology.

The government will be rolling out IP telephony solutions across its department bases in Hastings and London after a solutions provider was selected to perform the work. The technology will allow Department for Transport employees to benefit from the best equipment available and should aid productivity.

Computer Weekly said that the department offered a contract for five years, which is worth around £1m. It had no choice but to go through the Public Services Network procedure which sees that any approved service provider is able to tender for a contract offer from the government.

When an organisation has invested in an IP telephony solution, it will quickly come to see what advantages it could have already been benefiting from by replacing its traditional phone line. IP solutions enable businesses to cut down on costs massively by providing access to cheaper call rates. This is particularly the case when calling abroad, which can be crucial in a modern business.

Once the system has been installed, the Department for Transport will be able to enjoy a whole host of features not previously at their disposal, such as call logging, call recording, voice conferencing and unified messaging.

Having an IP telephony set-up installed can increase efficiency significantly as businesses can opt to run an unlimited number of lines and carefully select the numbers they wish to use. Any enhancement which can spark an increase in production should be at least considered in light of present conditions being tough. Efficiency and productivity are key when it comes to staying ahead of the competition.

Callum Byrnes