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Major mobile network firm Tango Networks and scalable small cell Enterprise Radio Access Network innovator SpiderCloud Wireless have joined forces in to assist mobile operators in offering Mobile Unified Communications services, as well as progressive PBX functionality.

In the workplace, there has been demand for a multi-access small cell system that is able to extend connectivity throughout the business without the need for a special dialler application or handset. Having mobile voice which is only able to work with a Wi-Fi connection is also something many want to avoid.

A system that is scalable and is able to offer reliable mobile capacity and coverage inside a building helps service providers of mobiles to monetise a small cell installation by increasing Mobile UC services, whilst at the same time offering first-class wireless services to enterprise-level customers.

Small Cell Connect, when working in tandem with Tango Networks, offers a solution that allows a mobile operator to offer enterprises an extension of their current Mobile UC applications and services, as well as PBX functionality, all from their IP telephony system via small cells. The solution allows users to operate a mobile phone like a standard desk phone.

SpiderCloud Wireless CEO Michael Gallagher said:

“SpiderCloud and Tango Networks’ joint development efforts help speed up adoption of mobile operator-led Unified Communications services inside the enterprise. A managed small cell network that provides reliable mobile voice and data access, integrated with the enterprise PBX and IP telephony network, will help enterprise customers save time, money and resources as mobile operators become a trusted partner for mobile services beyond minutes and devices.”

Gallagher went on to say that the small cell networks will enable enterprises to save resources, money and time with mobile operators becoming a credible partner for a number of mobile services that are about more than just devices and minutes.

Callum Byrnes