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A marketing agency based in Toronto – Derooted – has become the latest in an increasing number of Canadian companies to switch to business VoIP.

Derooted says that it had originally decided to trial the business VoIP (voice over internet protocol) service alongside its existing land-line telephone service; but is now so impressed it has decided to switch over entirely to VoIP once the contract with its conventional telephone line supplier expires in around two years’ time.

Simon Rojas, Derooted’s creative director, has singled out a number of benefits accruing from the company’s new VoIP system.

The first advantage cited by Rojas is one that is often associated with business VoIP and internet protocol (IP) telephony in general – value for money. According to figures provided by Derooted, access to its four business VoIP lines costs only slightly more per month than it costs the firm just to access a single conventional land line.

The second benefit the firm has found with business VoIP is the sheer number of value added features included as part of the package: for example, automated call attendant (enabling callers to be directed to the correct contact without the assistance of a receptionist or operator); the ability to easily add on more extensions; and an internet-based fax service.

Rojas comments that the automated call attendant feature in particular is so sophisticated that ‘a common reaction of our regular clients…is “Wow you guys are big now, we didn’t know you’ve hired a secretary”’.

Last but not least, a benefit which Rojas says ‘means a lot’ in bolstering the company’s image has been its ability to alter the ‘hold music’ depending on which of the company’s contacts is being sought by a customer or supplier.

An additional coup for Derooted is managing to avoid heavy capital expenditure on its new VoIP system by using the services of a host business VoIP provider.

Callum Byrnes