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An influential trade association representing the interests of small businesses has launched a national campaign to persuade local authorities to invest more in broadband network provision.

The campaign, announced by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), is timed to coincide with forthcoming local elections throughout England.

The campaign forms part of a wider submission issued by the FSB, which has as its aim the provision of increased assistance to small businesses as an essential mechanism for driving local economies forward; and, in the words of FSB local government policy chairman, Roger Culcheth, ‘generating growth and prosperity’.

Other measures featured in the submission – launched under the umbrella title of the Local Government Manifesto – include rate and general price reductions for local businesses and improved local procurement policies.

The FSB’s call for increased broadband connectivity forms part of the Manifesto’s campaign for improvements in local infrastructure; and is regarded as ranking in equal importance to other key infrastructure improvement measures such as road building.

Broadband connectivity is certainly regarded more and more as an essential application for modern businesses. This is based on the fact that as well as facilitating improved connections via the internet, broadband connectivity also permits access to value added services such as business VoIP (voice over internet protocol) which can increase efficiency and help cut business costs.

VoIP – whereby calls are made and received via the internet rather than through a connection to ordinary telephone lines – enables companies to add new connections and re-route lines much more quickly and easily than is possible with conventional business phone systems networks.

Callum Byrnes