8x8 Inc. confirms Roadshow attendance

author By Patrick Byrnes, 23/09/13

Computing and communications solutions firm 8×8 Inc. has announced that it will be taking part in the upcoming InsightCloud Mobile Collaboration Roadshow, which is set to take place in Chicago at the end of this month and Boston in October.

As many workplaces are seeing more smartphones and tablets being used on a regular basis, businesses are finding it more difficult to stay on top of security risks, collaborate through the cloud and effectively share data whilst avoiding commercial risk factors.

Delegates at the Roadshow will see for themselves how important it is to have a collaboration strategy in place to maintain productivity and security within a smartphone and tablet-influenced workplace.

The company says that with help from a number of key strategic InsightCloud partners, such as Fiberink, TrendMicro, Box and Apple, 8×8 will provide interactive talks and first-hand demonstrations on the most recent cloud technology required to implement a secure and comprehensive mobile strategy.

Attendees will see in person how cloud-based solutions are able to optimise corporate collaboration whilst minimising commercial risk.

Insight’s cloud director, Carlos Roman, said:

“With the exponential expansion of BYOD and mobility in the workplace, many of our clients are faced with pain points regarding security and collaboration solutions.

“The InsightCloud Roadshow will demonstrate a suggested set of solutions that include advanced market leaders like 8×8. Our goal is to provide a suggested roadmap for our client’s future cloud, collaboration and mobility decisions.”

The firm’s CTO and chairman, Bryan Martin, said that in today’s technology, a mobile collaboration strategy is no longer an option but a necessity. He said that cloud-based solutions offer over 30,000 businesses robust and reliable tools needed to beat out competitors.

Thanks to the Roadshow, 8×8 have an opportunity to show attendees how businesses of all shapes and sizes can make the most of commercial collaboration.